This changeathon is hosted as part of A4C's Mental Health awareness week! Details can be found at

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Best Individual Change

Best Community Change

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Please submit a 5 min video giving us a demo of your project or a pitch of your idea! You will also need to submit a 1-2 paragraph response on how your project creates change within the problem space you are working towards.

- Tech Hack: Individual Change

- Tech Hack: Community Change

- Idea Hack: Ideation


Freetail Hackers

Freetail Hackers

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    The project is thoughtful about what change it is making and how it is making that change. The project understands the problem space they are in and has the potential to genuinely create change.
  • Presentation
    The project is presented well and clearly, demonstrates what was created. The project is intuitive to use and understand and the reasoning behind design choices are clearly communicated.
  • Implementation
    The project achieves desired functionality and is an interesting idea. The final product is polished and easily understandable.

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